What Does Memorial Day Mean to You?

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Posted: 1:39 PM May 31, 2010
Reporter: Rebecca Ward
Email Address: rebecca.ward@wtok.com

On the somber day that began as Decoration Day, following the American Civil War, Memorial Day is a time to reflect on what the day means to so many.

“Memorial Day is a way of paying back to those who gave their lives for this county to be free,” said William Barron.

“For so many families, it’s the loss of someone in the service overseas, and I think about all of those people and all that they are sacrificing for us,” Paulette Buchanan said.

“To honor my husband, who died 36 years ago,” said Jacqueline Massey. “He was a veteran.”

For many, it is not only a time to remember fallen solders, but a time to remember all loved ones who have died.

“For me, personally, remember my family members,” said Buchanan.

To quote former president Franklin D. Roosevelt, “in the truest sense, freedom cannot be bestowed; it must be achieved.”

“In order for us to be free over here, they are over there giving their life so we may continue to live in freedom,” said Barron.

“Memorial Day is a very special day in this country because we wouldn’t be here had it not been for all those who were willing to serve our county, ” said Massey.

Not only is the meaning behind Memorial Day so important for so many, but why after hundreds of years it is so important to hold on to?

“The fallen solders and the solders who are serving now, because the price of freedom is not free,” Barron said.


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