APPEAL TO PROTECT MESS AYNAK: Summon Buddhists’ power to save the ancient Buddhist place “Mess Aynak”

Save our Past-Ask UNESCO to include Mess Aynak on the list of endangered sites

Petitioning UNESCO

This petition will be delivered to: UNESCO


Nadia TarziPetition by Nadia Tarzi,

San Rafael, CA

Petitioning President Hamid Karzai

This petition will be delivered to: President Hamid Karzai

Matin Wasei

Petition by Matin Wasei

Aalsmeer, Netherlands


The clock is ticking, imminent destruction scheduled to begin December 2012!

We the undersigned bring to your attention that, when one talks about the protection of world heritage one cannot help to think of UNESCO and its commitment and responsibility to find prompt solutions for the safeguard and protection of endangered sites.

After 30 years of armed conflicts Afghanistan has suffered the loss and desecration of thousands of objects and hundreds of sites such as the city of Ai Khanum and Bamiyan, a site that would eventually be enlisted as a site to be protected but too late.

Let us NOT repeat the same mistake and ACT now for: the Heritage of Afghanistan is once again faced with violation and impending loss, this time in the case of the immense Buddhist  site of Mess Aynak.

We believe that while economical development through the mining of precious minerals, is necessary, it cannot become an additional tool or excuse for further destruction of an already weakened Heritage.

Therefore, we the undersigned, rely on UNESCO to be a force of dissuasion and hope for countries such as Afghanistan.

We the undersigned ask of UNESCO that the site of Mess Aynak, Afghanistan be enlisted immediately on the List of Endangered Sites and the World Heritage List thus giving UNESCO the opportunity to demonstrate its commitment to the protection and safeguard of our World’s Heritage.


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