Laos: Drug Use in Schools

Laos Battles Drug Use in Schools

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Vietiane, Apr 22 (Prensa Latina) Laos educational authorities launched an intense battle today to stop drug use in schools in the capital, which this year recorded higher figures than in 2012. Hongkeo Thammavong, from the municipal department in charge of a special program to deal with the phenomenon, recognized the impossibility of certifying 143 primary and secondary schools, both private and state as narcotics-free.

The goal is to reach 2015 with students freed of any such addiction, according to a plan drawn up in collaboration with other relevant sectors and the support of a Swedish organization experienced in addressing the phenomenon among young people.

Around 15 schools received favorable certificates favorable for a total of 40, and another 50 are hoped to be certified drug-free within the current academic year.

The program manager reported that urine samples taken in 16 schools revealed the presence of drugs at a higher rate than in the previous period, which will lead to a withdrawal of the favorable evaluations.

A recent report from the National Commission for Drug Control and Supervision noted with alarm the increasing illegal trade in the country and its risks for the younger generation.

In 2012 the police arrested 2,000 people throughout the country who were selling drugs, along with more than 50 foreigners.

Due to strengthened laws and a willingness to tackle the problem, authorities were able to seize 55 kilograms of heroin, 1,200 tablets of methamphetamine, 199 of opium, and 2,266 of marijuana.



One Comment to “Laos: Drug Use in Schools”

  1. In America…whether in school or in society as a whole, fighting the drug problem and the current drug war is not working. People lack opportunities and the gap between the rich and the poor keep getting bigger. People struggle with addictions and the research has shown that most of the drug convictions locked up in America are everyday people with non-violent convictions that were caught up in addictions and are usually uneducated & poor….although addictions does not discriminate. Hardly is there ever an opportunity for the individual to receive treatment. What person struggling with addictions do you know that can afford treatment? The research has shown that even those with drug convictions in America that were locked up, (2500 that one judge alone locked up) that there was only 4 who were major kingpen leaders. The rest were those who simply had a drug conviction either with no other crime attached or a non-violent crime. It’s a complicated issue and no one thing will change it. The research says its a accumulation of things together that will help- as far as youth prevention, but even the prevention field lacks the understanding of the vicious cycle of addictions and the lure of the “potential money maker”. We have to get to the root of the problem- poverty, lack of opportunities, and lack of hope. More and more in America are finally starting to realize this with advocating for alternative courts as one example. We are still trying to figure it all out in America too.

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