South Korean president warns North over returned refugees

South Korean president warns North over returned refugees

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By Agence France-Presse
Monday, June 3, 2013 7:25 EDT


South Korean President Park Geun-Hye warned North Korea on Monday that it would be held responsible for the safety of nine young asylum seekers forcibly repatriated after their capture in Laos.

“What’s most important is to ensure (their) lives and safety, and that they will not receive unfair punishment,” Park told a meeting of senior aides.

“Otherwise, North Korea cannot avoid international criticism and responsibility for their human rights,” she said.

The case of the nine escapees has garnered international attention, partly because of their youth and reports suggesting they are all orphans.

Confirming their arrest on May 10 for illegal entry, the Lao foreign ministry said Monday that all nine were aged between 14-18.

Two South Korean nationals were detained at the same time for alleged human trafficking and handed over to the South Korean embassy, a ministry statement said.

The nine were returned to China on May 27 and then flown back to Pyongyang the next day.

Most North Korean refugees begin their escape by crossing into China and then try to make it to third countries — often in Southeast Asia — where they generally seek permission to resettle in South Korea.

The foreign ministry in Seoul has come under fire after it emerged that its embassy in Vientiane had been aware of the refugees’ arrest but had been unable to prevent their return to China.

Describing the repatriation as a “very regrettable incident that should have never happened”, Park said her government would seek to ensure that “major defection routes” used by North Korean refugees remain open.

Laos had previously been seen as a relatively safe transit point.


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