The future of Laos: A bleak landscapeA bleak landscape

The future of Laos:  A bleak landscape

A secretive ruling clique and murky land-grabs spell trouble for a poor country


2 Comments to “The future of Laos: A bleak landscapeA bleak landscape”

  1. Taiwan is a special case. At the end of the civil war in 1949, the Communists held most of China and the defeated Nationalists held only Taiwan and a few islands off the Fujian coast. That situation continues to this day; Taiwan has had a separate government for more than 60 years and as such, is governed “de-facto” independently. However, most world bodies do not recognize it as a sovereign state – amongst other factors, this may be attributed to the strong influence of the PRC government in this matter. Both governments in theory support eventual reunification of these “two Chinas”, but there is also a significant pro-independence movement within Taiwan.

  2. Visas for Americans, Britons, and those from several EU countries cost 1,400 baht/US$45, Australians and New Zealanders pay 1,200 baht/US$38, Canadians pay 1700 baht/US$54 while Chinese pay 600 baht/US$20. Officially, visas can be picked up the next day (or pay an additional 200 baht to have the visa issued within 1 hour). Officially, only baht is accepted. They may take US Dollars but it will likely be more expensive than a visa-on-arrival. Given that a visa for many countries can be had for US$20-42 at the border, getting a visa at the border is cheaper and quicker. NOTE: If you are taking the direct Khon Kaen to Vientiane bus and you require a visa for Laos, the bus company will not sell you a ticket unless you have a visa already issued.

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