Parliament approves 14 laws, economic and budget reports

Parliament approves 14 laws, economic and budget reports

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By Times Reporters (Latest Update December 28, 2013)

The National Assembly (NA) has approved 14 laws along with the socio- economic development and spending reports for 2012-2013, and the audited budget expenditure report for 2011-2012.

The parliament members approved the resolution of the NA’s 6th ordinary session that began on December 9 at the closing ceremony yesterday.

Head of the NA’s Administrative Office and NA’s spokesman, Dr Ounkeo Vouthirath told local media in a press conference that the session also approved this year’s socio-economic development plan, targets and measures to achieve the targets.

Ms Pany Yathortou calls for the government to deliver good governance to prevent official corruption.

The parliament endorsed the government’s proposal to establish the former Xaysomboun special-administrative zone as a new province of Laos in the hope of speeding up development in the impoverished zone.

Of the 14 laws approved, six are new laws, while the rest are amended laws. The new laws are the Law on Military Prosecutor, Law on Military Court, Law on Public Security, Law on Child Trial Prosecution, Law on Biotechnology Security, and the Law on Vocational Education.

The eight amended laws are the Labour Law, Enterprise Law, Law on Accountancy, Law on Post, Law on Metrology, Law on Value added Tax, Law on Industrial Processing, and Law on National Heritage.

However, the amended Law on Water Resources could not be approved after the NA members realised that further improvement to the draft-amended law was needed.

During the session, the parliament also heard the report on the recovery effort the government had undertaken to normalise the living conditions of people in disaster affected areas.

In her closing remarks, NA president Pany Yarthortou, representing the NA members, praised the government for the achievements it has made, including maintaining high-level economic growth and political stability.

However, she stated, the parliamentary members believe that various challenges lie ahead, pressing the need for the government to address issues of concern.

In particular, she said, the improvement of the economic and investment structure as well as the bank loan structure has, in some respects, not followed the direction of the 7th five-year socio-economic development plan.

In this context, “The NA’s session proposed that the government should increase its guidance with the aim of securing and strengthening the macro-economy,” she told the government.

President Choummaly Sayasone, Prime Minister Thongsing Thammavong and the government cabinet members also at tended the closing ceremony.

She asked the government to place a specific focus on addressing state debt and securing a sound financial position for the national economy, while excising frugal expenditure.

The government was asked to suspend investment on projects deemed as ‘less necessary’, but prioritise funds for rural development and poverty reduction schemes in a move to attain the millennium development goals.

The parliament also called for the government to make the most effective use of natural resources, with a view to environmental protection and sustainable development.

Ms Pany pressed the need for the government to improve and deliver good governance to prevent official corruption, while creating conditions favourable for business operations.

By Times Reporters (Latest Update December 28, 2013)

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