Leland Sorensen Heads Off to Laos

Leland Sorensen Heads Off to Laos

Reported by: Deanne Coffin
Published: 2/26 5:17 pm
Leland Sorensen (Deanne Coffin)

Leland Sorensen (Deanne Coffin)

Leland Sorensen was a Para-rescueman in the Vietnam War. On one of his missions he was sent to rescue a pilot that had gone down.  Because of the dangers of the war at that time, Leland was not able to recover the body of the airman, and that has been something that has been on his mind for all of these years.

“I have kind of regretted over the last 45 years that I didn’t take the time to actually recover the body, but at the time it was the end of the day and i didn’t know how hot the area was, and so I walked away from it,” says Leland Sorensen, Vietnam Vet.

Leland can finally put an end to that regret because he gets a second chance to go back to Laos and help with the rescue efforts of that pilot and complete the mission he started as a young Para-rescueman.

“I think what I am most excited about is there is potential here to put an end to this,” says Leland.

Leland says that the area where he will be going was one of the most heavily bombed sites on the planet and even today there are six digit numbers of cluster bomb units that could still be a potential problem.

“It possibly could be a dangerous mission,” added Leland.

Even with the risks till involved in this rescue mission, Leland says he doesn’t understand why people call him a hero.

“I’m not sure why I am a hero, but there are a lot of hero’s today that are not being pressured by a draft to join the military like I was, and yet they join and do a great job and I just want them to know that they are appreciated even by us old veterans,” concluded Leland.

Leland says he is ready to go on this final mission to Laos and  hopes that he can recognize the area and be able to direct them to the right spot, because after all, a lot can change in that amount of time.

We sent Leland off with a Go-Pro camera to capture his adventure while he is there and we will continue to follow Leland’s mission.


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