Russia to sell three Sukhoi SuperJets to Laos

Russia to sell thirteen Sukhoi SuperJets to Indonesia, Laos

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Sukhoi Civil Aircraft SSJ 100-95

Sukhoi Civil Aircraft SSJ 100-95.  (c) Sukhoi Civil Aircraft

Sukhoi Civil Aircraft (Moscow Zhukovsky) will supply Laos and Indonesia with a total of thirteen new SSJ 100-95 aircraft Russia’s Minister for Economic Development, Alexei Ulyukayev, has announced.

The RIA Novosti newswire states that while the exact terms of the agreements were not disclosed, Ulyukayev did state that three of the jets would go to Laos while ten would head for Indonesia. In addition, he said, talks are ongoing for the supply of aircraft to Vietnam.

The dormant Sky Aviation (SYA, Jakarta Halim) was the only operator of the type in Indonesia with three (previously) in service while the also dormant Lao Central Airlines (LF, Vientiane) had operated one.

About Sukhoi Civil Aircraft

Type:  Manufacturer

Base:  Moscow Zhukovsky

Aircraft:  3





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